Virtual Farmer’s Market – pick-up: Friday 2:15-6:00 pm

On-line Ordering Instructions

We are introducing our INTEGRATED ORDER SYSTEM! This means a single check-out experience and a search capability through the entire market for a particular item. We need Customers to try it out, it is in its final stages of Beta Testing and we ask for your feedback on how you like it.
If you are not comfortable with it you can simply use the existing system this week, but soon only the integrated marketplace will be used.
To try it click this link! New Marketplace Order System

Order directly from this page by Wednesday night, and pick-up on FRIDAY with our touchless pick-up.
Follow the directions below, new video coming soon as we have an integrated market app for you soon!

If you need delivery please see “delivery options” at bottom of page, or contact us, we will see what we can do for you.

On-Line Ordering Instructions for FRIDAY Pick-up 2:15-6 pm

– Click on the logo to see a vendor’s products
– Check out from that vendor before ordering from another. Save your information so check-out from next vendor is 1-click.
Order cutoff is Wednesday night at midnight – PICK-UP is 2:15-6 pm Friday at Gate A/grandstand.

– If you are able, we request pick-up times by last name:
A-F 2:15-2:45 pm
G-M 2:30-3:15 pm
N-Z 3:00-3:45 pm
– All orders will be ready no matter what time you arrive, let us know in advance if you need to pick-up after 5 pm or need a delivery. We can hold your order until about 6:15 if needed but we need advance notice.

– Orders placed Thursdays or Fridays are automatically are bumped to the following week’s Friday Pick-Up.
SNAP/EBT orders have no fees (see special instructions below) select SNAP/EBT purchase at check-out, bring card to pick-up.
– NOW with a single check-out from all vendors at once
– There is a small software fee charged by the company except for SNAP customers, where all fees are waived.

ALL your orders will be consolidated into one package for pickup, cold items are placed in when you arrive. We do this at no charge to you.
– Directions/Map for pick-up are below. NOTE: payment by Credit Card, or SNAP/EBT.

Try the new Integrated Marketplace - its in its final stages of beta testing so please call if you run into any obstacles or have questions 781-635-0889. So far customers found it easier!

Produce & Flower Farmers - Pick-up FRIDAY

Meat, Eggs, Dairy and Honey -Pick-up FRIDAY


Bakers - Next Pick-up FRIDAY

Fraulein's Bakery - back on June 25th

Chefs and Specialty Foods - Next Pick-up FRIDAY

Home Goods and Artisans-