Scholarships and Awards

Marshfield Agricultural and Horticultural Society initiated a Scholarship Program in 1982. These scholarships are awarded annually to graduates of Marshfield High School. Preference will be given to a Marshfield High School student furthering his or her education in agricultural and horticultural studies, aquaculture, marine biology, conservation, forestry or other related fields.  The Society also provides scholarships of $1,000 each to a deserving student from Bristol County Agricultural School and Norfolk County Agricultural School.

Marshfield Agricultural & Horticulture Society Scholarships

Marshfield Agricultural and Horticultural Society awards three scholarships in the amount of $1,000.00 each.

The 2023 Recipients were

  • Elle Baird
  • Benjamin Crest
  • Jacob Reisman

Dean & Flynn Fiesta Show Scholarship

The Dean & Flynn Fiesta Show Scholarship awards are given in memory of Mrs. Lillian Dean.

Six $1,000 scholarships were given in 2023 to :

  • Alexandra Cleary
  • David Dahlquist
  • Elizabeth Kenny
  • Nathan Moeykens
  • Anthony Tavares

Country Arts Awards

  • FRAN SVELNIS AWARD – Awarded to an outstanding exhibitor in Arts and Crafts Category. Fran was a talented artist remembered for her successful efforts to revitalize the Country Arts Dept. Selection based on: workmanship, quality, proper presentation, and artistic merit. The recipient will receive a special rosette and their name will be engraved on a plaque in Agricultural Hall.    2023 Winner – Cheryl Danieli
  • KATHERINE (KAY) MILLER AWARD (Volunteers only) – This award is given in memory of Kay Miller who is remembered for her long time participation in the Marshfield Fair. The recipient’s name will be engraved on a plaque in Agi Hall. 2023 Winner – Kelly and Lance Connolly

Marshfield Fair 4-H Awards

The following awards are awarded to 4-H members who meet the award qualifications.

  • North Award
    This award is donated by the Marshfield Hoofbeats 4-H Club and honors Jack North, who for many years supported the 4-H program, the horse industry, and was a former director of the Marshfield Fair. This award will be given to the equine exhibitor who fulfills the following requirements:

    1. Must have submitted either a horse/pony/donkey lease or a proof of ownership paper to the Ply. Cty. Extension Office (PCE) prior to May 1, year of the fair.
    2. Must submit records on animal in #1 for the achievement competition this year (pts. awarded as in the Dwyer Award).
    3. Must present at least 1 equine demonstration at the fair (horse not necessary, use posters and props). 5pts per 30 min not to exceed 5 demos total)
    4. Receives the highest # of points in the total of #2 & 3 above and in horse achievement & the Open Youth & 4-H Games Horse Show held at this year’s fair.(pts. accumulated as in Dwyer Award)
  • Terri N. Thibodeau Memorial Award
    This award is given in loving memory of Terri Nicole Thibodeau, longtime 4-H member & supporter. Presented to the 4-H exhibitor who best exemplifies commitment & compassion while working with animals along with extreme willingness to help others. This award honors Terri’s honest nature & “I will get to it” attitude.
  • Alden Johnson Memorial Trophy
    The Alden Johnson Memorial Trophy is given by the Marshfield Agricultural & Horticultural Society to a worthy proponent of agriculture in Marshfield. Alden was an active proponent of agriculture in Marshfield. He ran a sheep farm on Union Street for over 30 years. He also educated many farmers through his kind words of assistance. The work done by this recipient will exemplify Alden’s love of the land. All those who are proponents of agriculture in Marshfield are eligible for this award. The recipient should be active in teaching others about the land and agriculture.
  • Robert B. Ewing Leadership Award
    This award is given in memory of Robert B. Ewing who served as a 4-H Agent and Extension Director in Plymouth County for over40 years. It is awarded to a Senior 4-H member who sets a good example for others and who best exemplifies the 4-H Pledge. Consideration in selection include leadership, 4-H project work, community service, and a willingness to help others. Recipient need not be a current fair exhibitor but must have exhibited at a fair for at least 2 years. Interview required.
  • Mabel Chandler Memorial Award
    This award honors the memory of Mabel Chandler of Duxbury, founder and driving force for the Plymouth County 4-H Fair and supporter of 4-H and agriculture. The award is presented to the 4-H exhibitor who displays the most outstanding citizenship qualities. Interviews required.
  • John C. MacFarlane / Gentle Hands Award
    Up to three awards are presented in memory of John C. MacFarlane – friend of 4-H and FFA, past Vice President of the MSPCA, past President of the National Board of Livestock Conservation Institute, and originator of the “gentle hands” award. The awards are presented to people who most clearly exemplify the use of gentle hands in working with animals.
  • Cave Canem Challenge Cup
    The Cave Canem Challenge Cup honors Ms. Rita LaPointe, volunteer leader, teacher, and friend of 4-H youth. It is awarded to the Junior or Senior 4-H Dog exhibitor who earns the highest total combined score in both Marshfield Fair Dog Shows. The exhibitor must compete at a Novice Obedience level or higher. Any exhibitor that wins this award three times will earn the privilege of retiring the cup.
  • Edgar W. Spear Award
    This award honors Edgar W. Spear, former Regional Poultry Specialist and Plymouth County Extension Director. Presented to the Novice 4-H member who presents the most outstanding overall exhibit to the public.
  • Robert DuBois Award
    The Brookside Farm of Marshfield recognizes the Junior 4-H member who demonstrates the greatest achievement at the fair.
  • Dwyer Premier Exhibitor Award
    This award is given to the dairy cow exhibitor at the Marshfield Fair who receives the most number of animal sweepstakes points (computed as follows: 1st = 5; 2nd = 4; 3rd = 3; 4th = 2; 5th = 1; bonus points will be awarded for animal bred and owned by the exhibitor). Given in memory of Mr. E. M. Dwyer, a long time dairyman, businessman, and past Director of the Marshfield Fair.
  • Frank O. & Roy L. Ewell Memorial Award
    This award is presented for the best junior large fowl or waterfowl and the best junior bantam respectively.
  • William E. “Hoot” Gibson Herdsmanship Award
    This award is given in memory of William E. “Hoot” Gibson in recognition of his many years of service to 4-H members. The award is presented to up to four exhibitors in the beef and dairy departments who do the most to present an educational livestock display to the public. Consideration is given to cleanliness of exhibit area, helpfulness to visitors, and cooperation with show staff and other exhibitors.
  • James Milbury Award
    Presented to the sheep exhibitor who best educates the public about sheep, 4-H, and agriculture. Given in memory of James E. Milbury who is remembered for his long time participation in the Plymouth County 4-H Sheep program.
  • Marshfield Fair Communicator Award
    A special award presented in recognition of outstanding accomplishments in communicating the value and diversity of agriculture.
  • Marshfield Fair Sportsmanship Award
    Three awards (novice, junior, and senior) are given to the exhibitors who display outstanding sportsmanship and fair play in their work and responsibilities at the fair. This award honors the many past volunteers who have made the fair a success.
  • Marshfield Fair Director’s Appreciation Award
    This award is presented in recognition of the contributions to the 4-H program by the Directors of the Marshfield Fair. Cooperation with the fair management, helpfulness to others, 4-H spirit, and management of 4-H educational exhibits shall be considered in selecting the recipient. Interview required.