Exhibitor Information - Horticulture

In 1867 when our Fair began, (as a gathering of the South Marshfield Farmers Club) families exhibited flowers from their cottage gardens popular at that time, wild flowers, native plants and herbs, as well as prized roses from England, lilies and daisies. These early horticulture exhibits may have been shown in jelly jars and milk bottles, with prizes and judging evolving over time. Fair Horticulture continues this tradition with entries of those prized plants, and many more opportunities to show off your gardens’ bounty!


The 2022 Nora Delano Award winner for Horticulture is Jean Coffin from Halifax. Shown in the photo along with her family, Jean is a long time Fair participant. The Nora Delano Award was in recognition of her 10 first place ribbons!


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