SNAP/HIP Ordering and Pick Up Instructions

Shop and add items to your cart
The website will prompt you to create an account, you only have to do this once.
At payment, choose the SNAP/EBT Onsite Option

  • Vendors will receive and fill your order, but your EBT card will not be charged until you pick up the order, you are making a “promise to pay”.
  • You will not be charged any fees for SNAP eligible items, even though you may see it on your order.
  • You will be prompted to make a separate order for non-SNAP eligible items.  Pay for those on-line by credit card.
  • Pick-up is the same for all customers, but SNAP customers will pay upon arrival.
  • To help maintain high levels of safety and streamline the pickup process, please write your FULL name and SNAP (or “it’s a Snap!” if you want some discretion) and hold it up when you arrive
  • Be sure to bring your SNAP/EBT card with you and a credit card or cash if there are items which are beyond your EBT balance / limits.
  • Please follow the schedule and pick-up instructions given for all customers provided on the virtual market page.
  • Special note – SNAP/EBT customers can receive HIP benefits at our market.  The first $40 – $80 (depending on number of family members on your card) of produce purchased EACH month will be reimbursed back onto your card upon purchase.  (Basically it is free!)
  • Additionally our market provides matching funds for those using their SNAP EBT cards, the amount varies based upon the sponsorship we are able to secure for the program.  Ask at the manager’s office or email us for the current SNAP Matching amounts.  Typically they run anywhere from $5 to $20 per market.