Pick Up Instructions

  • NEW DAY TIME AND LOCATION! Pick-up is on Saturday 10 am – 1 pm
  • All orders ready at 10 am, we request you notify in advance with an email or call/text if coming after 12:00 noon. You may pick up by car or walk-in and ask at the office and we’ll get your order inside.
    We will begin calling at noon to assure pick-up.
  • Enter through Gate A from Route 3A, driving up to the grandstands, cutting to the left before you get there, so you pass around the island in a counter-clockwise fashion.  STOP at the indicated locations for your Check-in and when told to move ahead, go to the pick-up
  • You may have to wait a minute while we retrieve your orders.
  • Pop your trunk, do not get out of your car.  If we can’t load into your trunk, tell us and we will deposit it on a table for you to load it yourself.
  • Exit by continuing left and go out the way you came in.