Oryctolagus cuniculus


8-12 years

Type of Animal


Animals Diet


Rabbits are a small mammal bred and raised for food, research, or as companion animals. Rabbits are also a common wild animal across the United States.


Baby = Kit or Kitten

Young intact male = Buck

Mature intact male = Buck

Castrated male = Lapin

Young female = Doe

Mature female = Doe

Group called = Colony or Nest

Where in the world can this animal be found in the wild? What is its habitat like?

Rabbits can be found in the wild on every continent except Antarctica. They typically inhabit habitats such as grasslands, forests, deserts, and wetlands. Rabbits are well-adapted to living in burrows or underground tunnels, providing them with shelter and protection from predators.

How many breeds of this animal are there?

At least 305 domestic rabbit breeds throughout 70 countries worldwide

What is this animal's purpose?

Rabbits are bred and raised for food, research, fur, skins, and companion animals. Rabbits are also an important food source for many carnivorous predators.

Give a brief overview of the animal's history in the United States.

In the United States, rabbits were likely domesticated in the late 1800s, a period when they gained popularity as pets during the Victorian Era. They have continued to be cherished as companion animals and have even found roles in various animal-related activities, such as showing and competitions.

Benefits of Working with Rabbits

Working with rabbits allows 4-H members to learn how to care for an animal. Rabbits do not take up a lot of space, and are not expensive to keep, yet do involve knowledge that members can continuously learn about.

Fun Facts!

Rabbits are natural recyclers. As part of their diet, rabbits eat a special kind of their own droppings, called caecotrophs, which are full of Vitamin B and protein.

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