Sus scrofa domesticus


15-20 years

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Pigs are versatile animals commonly raised for their meat, known as pork, and come in a range of sizes, from small potbelly pigs to large market-quality pigs. Beyond their agricultural significance, pigs have also found a place as house pets, displaying affectionate and intelligent characteristics.


Baby = Piglet

Young intact male = Boar

Mature intact male = Boar

Castrated male = Barrow

Young female = Gilts

Mature female = Sow

Group called = Drift

Where in the world can this animal be found in the wild? What is its habitat like?

Pigs can be found in the wild all around the world, inhabiting diverse environments such as moist forests, swamps, and shrublands. They have adapted to various habitats, ranging from tropical rainforests to temperate woodlands and even arid regions. Their ability to thrive in different ecosystems is a testament to their remarkable adaptability as omnivorous creatures.

How many breeds of this animal are there?

Hundreds! Yorkshire, Berkshire, and Duroc are the three most commonly recognized breeds in the United States.

What is this animal's purpose?

The main purpose of raising pigs is for the production of pork, a popular meat consumed worldwide. Pigs are raised on farms to provide a reliable and abundant source of meat for human consumption. Additionally, some people keep pigs as pets for their friendly and intelligent characteristics.

Give a brief overview of the animal's history in the United States.

Pigs dates back 40 million years to fossils, which indicate that wild pig-like animals roamed forests and swamps in Europe and Asia. Pigs were first domesticated between 8,500 and 8,000 cal BC in the Near East, from where they were subsequently brought into Europe by agriculturalists.

Benefits of Working with Pigs

Working with pigs is great because it helps make pork, which is a popular and valuable meat all over the world. It also gives farmers and the agriculture industry a chance to earn money. Plus, pigs are smart and friendly, so they can be good friends to some people and help promote positive relationships between humans and animals.

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