Capra aegagrus hircus


15-20 years

Type of Animal


Animals Diet


Goats are versatile livestock animals known for their multi-purpose utility, as they can provide both meat and milk. They are valued by farmers and households alike for their ability to produce essential food resources.


Baby = Kid

Young intact male = Buckling

Mature intact male = Buck

Castrated male = Wether

Young female = Doeling

Mature female = Doe

Group called = Herd

Where in the world can this animal be found in the wild? What is its habitat like?

Goats can be found in the wild in various mountainous regions, including Alaska, the Canadian Rockies, Washington, Oregon, Idaho, and Montana. These areas provide a rugged and challenging habitat with steep terrains, rocky cliffs, and alpine meadows, which are well-suited to the agile and sure-footed nature of mountain goats.

How many breeds of this animal are there?

About 200 breeds of domestic goats

What is this animal's purpose?

The primary purpose of raising goats is for their milk, meat, and fiber production. Goats are a valuable source of milk, which can be used to make various dairy products. They also provide a source of meat and their hair can be harvested to produce fiber for textiles and other products. Additionally, goats are often raised as pets or for their ability to help control vegetation in certain environments.

Give a brief overview of the animal's history in the United States.

Between about 1930 and 1960 a variety of small goats of the West African Dwarf group of breeds were imported from Africa to the United States to be exhibited in zoos. It was at first reared as a show breed and companion animal; selection was for appearance and for docility. It was later found to be suitable for small-scale dairy production, and some breeding was directed towards dairy qualities. A herd-book was established in 1980.

Benefits of Working with Goats

Working with goats offers numerous benefits as it instills essential life skills such as responsibility, patience, respect for animals, hard work, and perseverance. The process of preparing and interacting with goats allows individuals to develop a strong work ethic and a deeper appreciation for the natural world. Moreover, the hands-on experience of caring for goats fosters a sense of connection and empathy towards these animals, promoting a more compassionate and mindful approach to animal husbandry.

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